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My mission

To sift through the noise and assist you to find the tools for a happy and healthy family life.

To provide important health information via my Healthy Family, Healthy Planet Blog.

To write junior fiction books with environmental messages.

Stay tuned for my soon to be released junior fiction adventure book for 8-12 year old boys and girls.

My Approach to FICTION Writing

Author ~ Sound Designer
Dog Helping to Write Children's Adventure Book

Cartoon by Richard Mitchell

As a film sound designer, I helped create some classic films including Shine, Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Babe, Lorenzo's Oil & The Quiet American. Sound continues to influence my work as a children's author through the rhythm & musicality of words. Words are conjurers of the imagination, emotional alchemists capable of whipping up storms in the mind, shifting focus, triggering memories, evoking images & making people laugh. The exotic & beautiful music of Australian animals also features in my writing. Transposing the complex & sometimes bizarre calls into words is quite a challenge!

My 12-year-old daughter describes my story as 'the best adventure book that kids will love'. My wife, who is a speech pathologist, says it's a great children's book to read aloud due to the crazy sound effects, the rhythm of the words and kooky Australian characters.

Author ~ Health Educator
Gareth Vanderhope Middle Reader Author and Health Educator

I teach tertiary-level nutrition & health promotion & have over ten years clinical experience in natural medicine. Studying & working in the field of health has influenced my creative writing in many ways. How the environment and the community shape kids' food choices, behaviour and development are some of my favourite topics to explore.

Due to the recurrent food themes in my children's adventure novel, it could be described as foodie fiction for kids & tweens. It's also a children's book with environmental and social messages.

Author ~ Movie Director
Dog Helping to Write Children's Adventure Book

Writing is like creating a virtual reality movie. Stimulated by the words, the reader conjures up the images, sounds, smells & sensations. Of course, a great movie needs a great story. Many of my ideas come from real-life childhood adventures – because truth is stranger (& often funnier) than fiction. My children's chapter book is for kids who love stories with comedy and lots of action and adventure.

My eldest daughter hates books with romance (she's 12). Luckily, there's no romance in my story! Just the stuff kids & tweens love! As a children's book for adults, my story will undoubtedly bring back childhood memories – ranging free, returning home at dusk all sweaty! By the way, that’s Louie the community dog helping me do some editing!

Author ~ Illustrator
Dog Helping to Write Children's Adventure Book

While writing my children's novel, taking photographs has been a part of the creative process. These images reflect the world around me and include objects from childhood, Australian animals, plants and scenes from The Dandenong Ranges. I aim to capture pictures that move the soul, tell a story and inspire the imagination.

Shaping photographs into book illustrations is great fun. The process is not unlike film sound design. There is a mystery in every sound, as there is a mystery in every picture. For example, have you ever slowed down a recording of pobblebonk frogs? They sound like magical metal drums! Similarly, exploring a photograph and turning it into a book illustration is an exciting adventure – you never know what you might discover!

Author ~ Dad
Gareth Vanderhope Children's Author with Family

I live in Australia, near Byron Bay, with my wife & two daughters. We love going on adventures together. I couldn't have written my book without their help! The experience of parenting has provided much inspiration for my middle-reader novel & the Healthy Families, Healthy Planet Blog.

As a father of two girls, I'm passionate about equality between the sexes. One of the characters in my book is a girl named Pippa. She loves adventures as much as the boys and speaks her mind too! I wanted to write a book with a strong female character because, like my daughters, girls are natural leaders, trailblazers and adventurers.


My Approach to Health

The physical, cultural and social environments shape the way we and our children function in everyday life.

  • If there’s nowhere to play, kids use technology and become overweight
  • If kids see smoking in movies, they’re more likely to take up the habit
  • If we sit too long, our lifespan is reduced.
Understanding the environmental hazards & finding ways to overcome them is essential for you & your family’s health.

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