Gareth Vanderhope

Gareth Vanderhope Children's Author Wearing a Brown Trilby Hat

I started my journey into the field of health by completing a bachelor degree in naturopathy from Southern Cross University, followed by a masters degree in nutrition and dietetics from Griffith University (majoring in public health nutrition). I’ve worked in a range of areas including Indigenous health, integrative medical practice, community health, drug rehabilitation and health promotion. Over the past five years, I’ve enjoyed working with final year naturopathic and nutrition students as a clinical supervisor and as a face-to-face and online lecturer. I also developed a tertiary course in health promotion.

I believe that health practice should be holistic, where biomedical science, sociology, art and philosophy come together to address the complex challenges of living in this dynamic world. 

My artistic pursuits have included film sound design, and I am about to publish a children’s adventure novel for kids aged 8-12. In the book, I explore how the environment, food and community shape the lives of children. My story is full of comedy because I have no doubt that laughter is truly the best medicine. 🤣