Soothing Water Sounds for Relaxation and Sleep

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A soundscape of water sounds that I recorded on a summer hike at Refuge Cove, located at Wilson’s Promontory, the most southern point of Australia. There’s no music, just the natural sounds of waves and rippling water.

I was the only person at the cove on day two of my adventure. I couldn’t record sounds during the day as March flies were buzzing around the mics (and biting me!). I hid in my tent until nightfall, sweating due to the scorching temperatures. When the sun descended, I was greeted by a still night with a full moon glistening over the water – perfect conditions for capturing sound. So I set off, exploring the two secluded beaches and rock pools.

The recordings start with close perspective waves, including details such as tiny bubbles fizzing in the pure quartz sand. Then I explore various rock pools, where the water swishes past the microphones. The soundscape journeys into the dunes and across to a second beach, with sand shaped like marbles, and finishes with the soothing rhythm of distant waves.

The downloadable soundscape is one continuous stereo track (duration 54:50). Payment is via a secure PAYPAL page. Once purchased, you’ll receive links to download the high-quality MP3 and M4A files. Use quality headphones for best sound.

Have a listen to the sample below (wait a few seconds to load).

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