Overview & Setting
The Hills Kids is a hilarious novel filled with mystery, kooky characters, and nature’s wonderments. Set in the Dandenong Ranges, Australia, three kids and a dog embark on an adventure in their foresty neighbourhood to solve a diabolical problem. The story spans four seasons, where the rhythms of nature intersect with the children’s lives and thrilling escapades.
The Hills Kids is a joyous extravaganza with distinct characters, including underdog Archie, sharp-witted Pippa, goofball Ollie and a scruffy dog named Kimba.
Part 1: Winter
After a wild billycart race down a treacherous mountain road, Archie reveals a problem to his friends. Together, they set off on an adventure to have fun and make things right.
Part 2: Spring
When the hills kids’ plans are foiled by some tricky chickens, the friends head to the forest for answers. There, they discover a mysterious creature, a secret tunnel and an adventure wonderland.
Part 3: Summer
On a night-time fishing adventure, Archie and Pippa get a huge surprise that leads to more problems. Following a close encounter with a bushfire, Archie and his friends discover that kindness is the best medicine.
Part 4: Autumn
Chestnut season brings fresh opportunities for The Hills Kids. However, to achieve their dreams and solve Archie’s problem, they must overcome a series of dastardly challenges. All hopes rest on their pizazzy roadside stall and a comical encounter with some lively Italian tourists.
Book Info
The story spans 260 pages, split into four seasons. The start of each season features a large illustration. There are 47 chapters, each with a fun drawing above the heading.  
Target Reader
The Hills Kids is for children aged 8 to 12. Kids in the lower end of this age range will enjoy the story read to them. It's the perfect book to read as a family, creating a bonding experience and laugh-out-loud moments.
Connection to Nature
After reading the book, don't be surprised if your child ventures outside to draw, explore, and wonder. And if they listen hard enough, perhaps in their imagination, they may hear a currawong calling as it flies past, clee-a clee-a clee-o, clee-a clee-a clee-o.


Art by Gareth Vanderhope​

Hand illustrations from The Hills Kids ~ Photographic art, inspired by childhood